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FlightGo is a simple and easy-to-use app specialized for TAKE. Intuitive interface, flight data and flight status are in full view. Intelligent setting can realize the function of one-key operation.

HD Real-Time Transmission

The images captured can display on the mobile App interface in real time. Use the first view to the world and bring more fun.

Multiple Control Modes

Motion Play Mode and Virtual Joystick Mode. Motion Play Mode is using your phone's gravity sensor by tilting your phone to control TAKE. Virtual Joystick Mode means there are two virtual joysticks on your phone that allow you to control TAKE's flight by holding and toggling up/dowm/left/right.

Visual Tracking

There is no need for any auxiliary equipment since through image recognition technology TAKE will track the object by locking it into the center of its lens. Frees the user's hand and allows the user to shoot freely.

Orbit Shooting

Choose the points of interest you want to shoot and control TAKE above the points of interest. Then tap Orbit Shooting, TAKE will start 360°shooting.

Smart Return

Smart Return includes One-Key Return and Auto Return. When fly outdoors, One-Key Return function makes flying more intelligent and convenient; When lose the signal, signal being broken, or low battery, TAKE will fly back to the takeoff point automatically.

One-key Share

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