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安稳相伴    动静随心

Visual Tracking

There is no need for any auxiliary equipment since through image
recognition technology, AMIGO will track the object by locking it into the
center of its lens. Frees the user's hand and allows the user to shoot freely.

Dual-Positioning System

Dual (GPS+Visual) positioning systems, enables the drone to recognize
the exact positioning of the object whether indoors or outdoor.
Visual and ultrasonic technology guarantee flying the drone safely.

3-axis Electronic Image Stabilization

Built in 3-axis electronic image stabilization eliminates vibrations when flying.
This also rectifies the phenomenon of image tiltling and deflecting guaranteeing
a more stable and clear image. The camera angle can also be adjusted.

  • 13.0Mp
  • 720p Live View Qualiy
  • 1080p Video Quality
  • Camera Angle Control

RC+APP Operation

Manipulate AMIGO by either the Remote Controller
or Mobile APP, based on user's choice.

Way Point Planning

Set the route you want in advance based on your personal
preference and AMIGO will follow the flight route automatically.

Intelligent Operations

Large parts of Intelligent Control options can be chosen which suit the
users' needs, enhances the experience ultimately providing fun of flying.

  • One-Key Takeoff
  • One-Key Landing
  • One-Key Shooting
  • One-Key Share
  • One-Key Return
  • Face Recognition
  • Circling Shooting
  • Power-On Self Testing
  • Failsafe Return
  • Way Point Planning


AMIGO can freely fly within a safe area, which
guarantees the safety of beginners and children.

Product Parameter

Application prototype

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