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Shenzhen HighGreat Innovation Technology Development Co., Ltd

Company Story

Shenzhen HighGreat Innovation Technology Development Co, Ltd (HighGreat) is a team which was not built by accident. Through their common ambition to ‘Dream to fly in sky’ a group of young men where brought together and transformed from being strangers to people who know each other very well. They share the same belief which is ‘Drones of high quality should not be luxury’. This paved the path of their mission and motivation as they work and aim towards giving every man the right to fly and enjoy their drones. Highgreat works towards finding a balance between ideal and reality.

HighGreat is a young and pragmatic team which adheres to ‘Technology, starts from happiness’. The team is composed of students who have studied abroad and also outstanding domestic young engineers. They believe in freedom and look forward to flying high up into sky. They also focus on supporting and encouraging one another as they work on research and development.

Each excellent product is the result of all the team members’ hard work. The team views every difficulty encountered as a stepping stone to success. HighGreat is constantly working on promoting the development of the drone’s intelligence and making it more universal. We aspire to partake in the development of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) working with our friends in the same industry.

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