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Shenzhen HighGreat Innovation Technology Development Co., Ltd

HighGreat is an innovative high-tech company that is specialized in research and development, manufacture and sales of recreational unmanned aircraft system (UAS). Founded in 2014, our headquarter is located in Shenzhen, widely known as the home city of drones in China and our factory is with over 13,000 square meters based for R&D and production. The geographical advantage has not only given us easy access to UAV suppliers and raw materials, but also brought us closer to the creative talent pool.

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Till now we have attracted a group of intelligent people to join us. They are drone enthusiasts and also a team of young talents from overseas and seasoned professionals from reputable enterprises worldwide.

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Technology, starts from happiness

Safety is always our top priority in the entire R&D process. We aspire to bring happiness to customers through UAV technology and provide best services to our clients. As we pertain to this mission, our ultimate goal is to create high-quality recreational drones that are extremely reliable, fun and easy to use.

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